AIA Vitality Rewards – 4 Ways To Earn Rewards Fast!!!

Do your insurance premiums keep getting more expensive and you don’t see any immediate benefits from them?

In this video I am going to share with you the AIA Vitality Program which is the  most innovative change to personal insurance I’ve ever seen & 4 ways that you can get immediate benefits from your policy every year that are more than the premiums you pay.

Essentially making the cover free!


This partnership gives you 2 flights every year at up to 50% off the base fare. If you are worried about limited seats etc, don’t be. Book your flight and email the receipt through to AIA and they will credit you with up to 50% of the base fare.

Now here’s a pro tip. The program only allows up to premium economy flights, by booking and paying the discount fare for premium economy, use points to upgrade to biz/first class as the jump is much smaller (usually 1/2 the required points).

Email address to send receipts – [email protected]


Vitality have partnered up with Virgin Active, Fitness First, Anytime Fitness & Step Into Life to offer discounted memberships of up to 50%. Here is the link to a document which summarises the pros and cons of each of these memberships as well as the nett monthly costs for Vitality members.

Using your gym membership also helps you to earn points whilst on the program which elevates your membership level. Most of the people I have seen on the Gold/Platinum levels have used these partner gyms to regularly boost their points.

Check out my other videos which show you how to achieve the higher levels FAST!


Gift vouchers are sent directly to you as you progress up the vitality membership levels. For every 5,000 points you earn, Vitality will send you a voucher to be used at JB HiFi, Rebel, Myer, Woolworths & Dymocks. Earn 30,000 points in a year and you will have received $650 in vouchers to spend on whatever you want!


One of the immediate benefit is the weekly $5 rewards for achieving a super achievable activity target. These vouchers can be used for Boost, iTunes, HOYTS & Woolworths, or if you are feeling more philanthropic Black Dog, Cancer Council Australia or Diabetes Australia.


Now you may think that these benefits are not huge on their own and you are right, but stacking these benefits together can add up to significant savings for you every year.

So if you have been stuck paying premium after premium for years and not getting anything in return, maybe it’s time to consider alternate options. 

Like most rewards programs, the higher you are in the program the better it gets. My goal is to get everyone up to at least Gold Status FAST!


  1. Matthew

    The changes to the flight benefit are terrible. Hardly worth it now. Cashback is not eligible on the cheapest flights.


      Hi Matthew, disappointed to hear this as it was one of the best features and one that a lot of my clients have been getting big benefits from. I will have to do an update video post the changes from Qantas to Virgin as well. Thanks for the feedback!


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