AIA Vitality Rewards – Become Silver In 7 Days

Are you sick of not getting the most out of rewards programs to the point where you have just quit joining them all together?

In this video, I am going to show you how to get more AIA Vitality Rewards points through 4 steps to become Silver AIA Vitality Member in less than a week.


You would have received an activation email encouraging you to click on the buttons and activate your Vitality Membership.

This email is sent out (along with a text message) within 48 hours of your insurance policy being accepted.

Follow the prompts and enter your email address and create a password to be logged into the AIA Vitality Website for the first time.


After you have registered and logged in for the first time, it’s time to start earning your first points. Head up to the “Know Your Health Section” and go down to Online Assessments. Work your way through the 5 assessments and you will be credited with 4,250 points for your trouble.

Expert tip – as the Nutrition Assessment and Mental Wellbeing surveys are to be completed every 6 months, jump into your calendar and set a reminder for yourself including the link to login to make this easier for future you!


These tests are to measure your BMI, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Random Blood Glucose. For completing the exams themselves, you will get 3,000 points. For each test that is within “health range” you get an extra 750 points which means there are 6,000 points up for grabs here.

After completing this, you should have anywhere between 7,250 points and 10,250 points depending on the outcome. For some of you, congrats as you would have attained SILVER STATUS already!

To capture the results of these tests, you will need the AIA Vitality Advanced Screening Form.

Print this off before heading to the doctor and get them to complete this with you while you are there as it can be a nightmare getting doctor’s to complete these thing.

You can fill up and submit the AIA Vitality Advanced Screening Form via the AIA Vitality App or via the website.


If you are anything like me, you may have come up a little short of making it to Silver already. Bite the bullet and book in for a dental checkup which will give you 1,000 points each year.

For this test you will need to fill up the Advanced Screening Form again. For the eye test, this can be completed once every 3 years and you will receive 1,000 points for completing this exam. To confirm you have done this, go online under the “preventative health” exams, you will need the date of your appointment, store name, suburb and state.


So we should almost be there for everyone, worst case scenario you will have 9,250 points and best case you will be on 12,250 points.

My suggestion at this point is if you are short of a few points, make sure you have synced your Apple Health Data to your AIA Vitality account. We all have our phones on us these days and I am an apple tragic!

The Vitality Program also offers you discounts off Fitness Devices (FitBit, Jawbone, Jaggard etc) that can also help here as some of these track heart rate and sleep which also help earn more points.

750 points is just over a weeks’ worth of maximum daily activity points.

From my experience, most people complete the online assessments and end up with a Bronze membership.

For you to get as much back from the Insurance Company, you need to complete the 3rd and 4th steps above.

I hope that with these 4 steps to become a Silver AIA Vitality Member in less than a week will help you get more out of your AIA Vitality Rewards!