We focus on you.

We push each other to constantly improve. By empowering each indivdual in the team, we are fluid and can make changes fast!

We are experts.

By focusing on insurance, we make sure we are leaders in the industry in our knowledge, research & innovation.

We embrace new technology.

Efficiency is key for us and we won’t waste a second of your time or ours. We leverage smart technology so we can spend time building meaningful relationships
Something About Us

Our Story

Hi, I’m Craigraig

My friends call me Bigs. I am the Financial Planner & Insurance Expert behind True Pride.

I provide peace of mind for busy executives and their families.

I believe in the power of collaboration and focusing on being an expert.

My mission is to provide advice that I am proud of which often is not in my best interest

True Pride has to do with acknowledging and respecting who you are and what you can do, without any outside confirmation or approval.

Meet Our Team

Craig Bigelow

Craig Bigelow

CEO / Founder

Craig leads the True Pride team and is the Insurance Expert. Growing up, Craig had big dreams. He wanted to be able to tell people at BBQ’s that he “sold insurance” for a living & play Major League Baseball.


At least one of these has come true!

Lisa Marie Mirasol

Lisa Marie Mirasol


Lisa Marie helps get our message out to more people + keeps us all accountable to the tasks we have on an ongoing basis.


Lisa Marie’s passion is travel, she is often working from a remote location making us all jealous!

Rebecca Presley

Rebecca Presley

Client Support Manager

Bec the engine room. When it comes to getting insurance applications done, without Bec, this would not be possible.


As the first point of contact, Bec is super organised and is big reason our clients feel well supported through the application process and ongoing.

Sam Labra

Sam Labra

Client Support

Sam gets excited by planners and organizers so she is perfect in her role supporting the team & Bec in making sure our clients are well looked after.


In her downtime, Sam loves binge watching movies & TV series plus DIY videos and interior design!

Josh Williams

Josh Williams

Lodgement Specialist

Josh has a uncanny way of making uncomfortable insurance application questions fun! A young dad Josh has the patience of a buddist monk.


A true family man, who loves his live sport Josh is relatable from the moment you start chatting

Ace Bigelow

Ace Bigelow

Mail Dog

We start them young here, Ace has been hard at work since he was 12 weeks old. Ace will do almost anything for food but still refuses to sign for mail.


Ace is easily the most popular team member (as much as Craig hates to admit it)

Introduction to

Our services:

Protection Houseview

We have formulated a process for calculating the exact cover levels you need based on you personal situation.

Insurance Mirror

Take the guess work out of what you have in place at the moment by knowing exactly what you have and what if any gaps exist

Beast Mode

Dealing with insurance companies is not for the faint hearted. We fight upfront & at claim time to make sure you get everything you are entitled too

Cost Vs Benefit Trade-Off

If money were no object, this would not be a problem. Get tailored advice on where you can strategically save premiums

Strategic Setup

The right levels of cover are important, equally important is the way these are stuctured (ownership, payment frequency etc)

Play The Long Game

We believe you should insure for the long term where it makes sense. Make concious decisions for your future based on experience
Multiple Insurance Providers

Companies We Work With: